LED guardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS essential part for safe life


January 30, 2020



Multi purpose torch with belt cutter and car glass hammer.
With unique design and a variety of features and usages this OSRAM LED guardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS got a strong competitive position. Osram the automotive lighting leader globally and the first choice of 30% of car manufacturer make it more than light source.

Osram positioned it far away other competitors expectations globally and take care of small details to make it first choice in any emergency situation in your car or daily life and make it essential component in your travel and safari.

Prepared for any emergency situation LED guardian SAVER LIGHT PLUS provides a reliable light during your travels, when camping and for inspection and maintenance work on your car.

This multi-functional torch has a powerful LED light and non-slip, dirt-resistant surface.

Thanks to the holder or three magnets included in the package, the light can be easily attached wherever you need it in the car or on the roof.


Due its twelve yellow flashing LED lights the torch can be transformed into a reliable warning light in dangerous situations. In addition to this, this practical all-rounder offers reliable help as an emergency hammer to smash the windscreen.

Also as a seat belt cutter to make your exit from your car in emergency and accidents more easy.

OSRAM provides a 2 year guarantee for this product.



Impressive at a glance:
  • Light color LED Warm white, 6000 K.
  • Practical all-rounder,Torch, work light and warning light in one product, Equipped with 12+1 high quality, long-lasting LEDs.
  • Strong warning light with 12 yellow flashing LEDs in the handle for warning and alarm signals, Multi functional LED warning light with two light functions (amber flashing and white torch light).
  • Seat belt cutter, To cut the seat belt in case of emergency.
LED with Belt cutter LED with Belt cutter LED with Belt cutter
  • Emergency hammer, To smash the windscreen in case of emergency.
LED with window Hammer
  • The light can be easily attached wherever you need it in the car or on the roof as a flare light.
  • Dirt-resistant surface.
  • Work with 2 dry AA batteries.
  • Resistance to high impacts, prevents damages caused by falls to the ground.
  • Increased lifetime thanks to long-lasting LEDs.
  • 2 Years guarantee.
  • Flexible mounting possibility for the inside of the car, so your SAVER LIGHT PLUS always travels with you.
LED Easy to use Easy to use Easy to use