Hatko Electronics for terminal and plastic housing.
It's part of Hatko Group of Companies since 1988. Was established in 1969 and since then has been the leading manufacturer of terminals and plastic housings in Turkey. In addition to its standard portfolio of products. With its in-house Product and Tool design capabilities, tool manufacturing and electrolytic plating departments. Hatko Electronics is able to provide a one-stop solution to all terminal and plastic housing needs. It has over 50 years’ experience and know-how. Also in Electronics it has an impeccable reputation with the OEMs and their suppliers in the white goods, automotive and power distribution sectors. This products found domestically and internationally.Electrolytic plating departments has variety of plating ability for metal terminal tin, silver, nickel and so on Hatko able to make varied products. These products are suitable for a big range of temperatures and corrosion to give big opportunity for the company to satisfy a lot of customers. Also the plating containers are one of the biggest and the best all over turkey to give the company competitive ability to have a huge capacity and ability to fulfill the customers demands in short period of time.Plastic housing material has a wide range, PVC, Poly-amide and Silicone. This variety make a big range of temperature consistency and variety of uses in a lot of fields.Hatko able to manufacture the mold for crimping heads and the crimping heads itself. This means that this company able to manufacture the terminals and its integrated tooling system. Uniquely Hatko able to sell the product for end user and other companies to use it as an intermediate product.
It has customer in a lot of countries and fields. BMC, Peugeot, Siemens, Vestel and Samsung.
Our work environment enhance and empower team work. Hatko has an engaged enthusiastic team eager to satisfy our customers as much as they can.