Our High Value


We fully committed to be specialized and unique in our field in the market, that is why we stress on niche.



Our desire to see the bond with our customers strong enough to create potential partner out of them – that’s what lets us handle every customer with fresh energy and enthusiasm.



While we share our knowledge and experience, we observe and understand our business and customer’s needs, so we can fulfill.



We are united in the drive to provide the best for each customer – think of us as extra hungry seekers for the biggest satisfaction of our repeated valued customers.

How we work

* The core of our business is the excessive communication, we dig deeply into your goals and aspirations to make sure we can turn them into realism, our Leading of the market, make our positive role model, making the best for the clients.


* Working together with our R & D team, we use the best and latest knowledge to take care of small details to distinguish our self.


* Today, we observe very fast development process of business, that creates a renewed mandate for change and open new opportunities to transform our value and impact on the world.


* Your digital innovation is our calling, El-Tayeb blends strategy with technology help our customers to flourish with change and make your car the best, with extra ordinary results to satisfy our customers.

Mr. Usama Kamel


Welcome to El-Tayeb Trade & Development


As head of El-Tayeb group, I always had my passion and interest in our Automotive spare parts sector, even my office in El-Tayeb Trade & Development HQ in Cairo, started with an idea more than 40 years ago to see the Egyptian & African spare parts market quality and behavior motivated our will and greed to develop the market to develop the re-seller and consumer behavior and yes, we came along way already, and we built our big empire to serve well.


We are working hard as a team to satisfy our employees as they our partners in success & our backbones.


We are proud to introduce top quality products in our market no origin or brand will change our policy and slogan “Quality First” even if that will cause a little effect on our pricing formula we still seek the best for our customers safety and satisfaction,  we aim having worldwide customers not just in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Syria etc., MEA region only, but everywhere in the world.


We Provide Electrical, Mechanical spare parts & Accessories, yet we are introducing new products every year to our markets, but every month we add something new, As our R&D department works so hard to adapt with the changes to satisfy the developed needs around us.


Eng. Usama Kamel

Head of El-Tayeb Group


El-Tayeb history


In 1979, Eng. Usama Kamel founded El-Tayeb Trade & Development as a family business in Cairo (Egypt), dealing mainly in the automotive spare parts field from electrical to mechanical from vehicles to trucks! Covering almost all the customer needs completely.


Through 40 years of experience, El-Tayeb Trade & Development had built a strong strategy which has allowed the company to grow in confident and fast steps, and to build its reputation. El-Tayeb’s main strategy can be summarized as follows:


  • Building the company name as a reliable provider of quality goods and services.
  • Creating integrated distributor networks for all market segments in all our fields of operation.
  • Having a strong presence all over Egypt with more than 200 Employees and 8 offices, warehouses and facilities and 2400 agents allover Egypt.
  • International presence (Istanbul – Ningbo).
  • Providing the best prices for the same quality level.
  • Affording excellent service and availability due to our advanced structure.


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Industerial servies

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